Teenage Drinking & R Movies???

Interesting article in the USA today about Teenager drinking and the movies they watch.



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Opportunity to Flow this summer

A good friend of mine Ben Myers runs Arrowhead Bible Camp and he has some exciting ministry opportunities available this summer.  Let me encourage you to pray about these.

#1 – Staff
– Assistant Cook (18 yrs. or older)
– Counselors (18 yrs. or older)
– Co-counselors / Co-program staff (16-17 yrs. old)
– Music Leader (play music and lead singing for our programs)
– Lifeguards (this role can be combined with other roles at camp)

#2 – James Project
– We have a few weeks still available for James Project groups.  Check out the attached brochure and the website –www.abcjamesproject.org
– Week 2 is available (June 19th – 25th) – during our Shepherds Camp program
– Week 5 is available (July 11th – 16th) – during our Day Camp program
– Week 9 is available (August 7th – 14th) – during a guest group week

For more info check out:

www.shepherdscamp.org (our primary ministry to adults with developmental disabilities)
www.abcdaycamp.org (our free day camp for kids)
www.abcjamesproject.org (one week missions opportunities for families, student ministries, churches, etc.)

Awesome Bible Study Website

For those looking for a good place to study God’s word you have got to check out this website. http://bible.cc

Good stuff like commentaries, strong’s numbers, many different Bibles,  Hebrew and Greek and various language options.  I am loving it.

Go dig in.

Bigger than Me!!!

God wants to use us normal and not so normal people to make a difference in this world for the Glory of God.  How?

Through His power and our abilities, talents and spiritual gifts.

Learn about yourself.

Spiritual Gifts Assesment

Elmer Towns Spiritual Gifts

Personality Assessment- Myers Briggs


Once you take an assessment comment and let others know how God has made you.

The Joy of It All. Is this thought Biblical?

Is it Biblical to say “the Son brought the Father Joy even as He was dying on the cross, because it showed Jesus’ love for man was the same as the Fathers. And as we become like Christ, through obedience to the Holy Spirit, we to can bring the Father joy as we love the world like Christ.”

Message Notes  The Joy of It All

Friends in Mozambique

Nicoles cousin and his family live in Africa and we just got this prayer request from another couple that is dear to their hearts.

Dear Praying Friends, We are asking prayer for an urgent matter in our family. Rodger traveled to Mozambique Island on Monday and became very ill the second night there. After a few hours thinking it was most likely malaria, it became clear that it is the same problem that kept him hospitalized for 5 days in late December, staph infection in the leg. This time, we don’t know what has triggered the infection as he has no wounds on his foot as before. He is returning on a flight tonight and we will go directly to the hospital. Please pray for him. As you can imagine, this is very discouraging. Pray also that he will be okay on the trip home as he has a high fever and is generally feeling miserable. As most of you know, our oldest son Andrew is a sophmore at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. Last week, we learned that he fainted in class. At that time, the school nurse thought it was dehydration. Today, it happened again, but apparently there was some seizure activity as well. He was taken to Kijabe hospital where they ran a battery of blood tests which all came back normal. He is scheduled to fly home to Maputo for his spring break on Saturday. He would be traveling with other students from RVA. The question at this point is if he is okay to travel. He has been scheduled for a CAT scan in Nairobi tomorrow and to stay overnight with his guardians. We would ask that you pray for Andrew and for wisdom for us and the doctors attending him. As you can imagine, it’s very hard for us to be away from him and to discern what steps we need to take. I, Lynne, am trying to minute by minute trust that God holds Andrew and to not give in to fear and “what if’s”. What I really want is to hop on the next plane to Nairobi, but then I leave behind a sick husband and my other son. We appreciate your prayers for our family. We love you! Lynne