Gordon McDonald- Good thinking here.

On Wednesday I have the privileged along with many others from the Brethren In Christ to hear from Author and Pastor Gordon McDonald. He currently serves as the Editor at Large for Leadership Journal.

I love these quote’s from his most recent article from Leadership Journal.

I’m impressed that Jesus’ charge to the apostles had much more to do with making disciples than building larger organizations. He seems to have known that properly trained platoons of disciples in every town and village would take care of the movement and keep it cleansed. What Jesus may have feared was the very thing that has been tried again and again over the centuries: systematize the Christian movement, centralize it, and balloon it up in order to make an impression.

Thankfully, I learned, as did those around me, that gimmicks almost never worked. Only when we went back to caring for people, disciplining teachable leaders, introducing people to Jesus, and worshipping with a hearty spirit did things get back on track.

Read the rest of the article here.  How a Might Church Falls


Leadership Conference in your home

How would you like to sit down in your house and hear from some of today’s spiritual leaders? Well you can!!! I just learned about this conference called “THE NINES”.  Each leader will have 9 minutes to share with you a message from there heart.

COST:  FREE.  All you have to do is register.   It September 9th.   Check out the website.

Dont miss nine minutes with.

Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church)
Reggie McNeal (Leadership Network)
Perry Noble (NewSpring Church)
John Ortberg (Menlo Park Presbyterian)
Steven Furtick (Elevation Church)
Nancy Beach (Willow Creek Church)
Leonard Sweet (Author/Speaker)
Stacy Spencer (New Direction Christian Church)
Ed Stetzer (Lifeway Research)
Mark Batterson (National Community Church)
Dave Ferguson (Community Christian Church)
Alan Hirsch (Forge Mission Training Network)
Dino Rizzo (Healing Place Church)
Dan Kimball (Vintage Faith Church)
Greg Surratt (Seacoast Church)
Sam Chand (Sam Chand Ministries)
Bil Cornelius (Bay Area Fellowship)
Brad Bell (The Well)
Brian Bloye (Westridge Church)
Jon Tyson (Trinity Grace Church, NYC)
Bob Roberts (Northwood Church)
Reggie Joiner (CCO, reThink)
Brad Powell (NorthRidge Church)
Margaret Feinberg (Author/Speaker)
Matt Carter (The Austin Stone Church)
Darrin Patrick (The Journey)
Nancy Ortberg (TeamWorx2)
Mike Breaux (Heartland Church)
J. D. Greear (Summit Church)
Scott Hodge (Orchard Valley Church)
Greg Holder (Windsor Crossing Church)
Pete Wilson (Cross Point Church)
Neil Cole (Church Multiplication Associates)
Matt Williams (Grace Church Greenville)
Jenni Catron (Cross Point Church)
Noel Heikkinen (Riverview Church)
Bill Easum (Easum & Associates)
Chip Henderson (Pine Lake Church)
David Foster (The Gathering)
Mark Bankord (Heartland Community Church)
Ken Fong (Evergreen Baptist Church)
John Bishop (Living Hope Church)
Rick Rusaw (LifeBridge Church)
Bryan Carter (Concord Chuch)
Geoff Surratt (Seacoast Church)
Jeffrey Johnson (Eastern Star Church)
Jim Tomberlin (Third Quarter Consulting)
Anne Jackson (FlowerDust.net)
Naeem Fazal (Mosaic Church)
Jim Burgen (Flatirons Community Church)
John Coulombe (First Ev Free Fullerton)
Teresa McBean (NorthStar Community Church)
Jim Sheppard (Generis)
Shawn Wood (Seacoast Church)
Lawrence Aker (Cornerstone Baptist Church)
Steve Robinson (Church of the King)
Jason Cusick (Journey of Faith Church)
Bambi Encarnacion (First Ev Free Fullerton)
Ken Fong (Evergreen Baptist Church)
Judy West (Windsor Crossing Church)
Scott Wilson (The Oaks Fellowship)
Amy Hanson(Author/Speaker)
Toby Slough (Cross Timbers Church)
Troy Gramling (Flamingo Road Church)
Scott Nickell (Flatirons Community Church)
Michael Trent (Third Place Consulting)
Jorge Acevedo (Grace Church)
Scott Williams (LifeChurch.tv)
Steve Robinson (Church of the King)
Keld Dahlman (Europe Church Planter)

Leadership thoughts from one of my Mentors

If you are a christian and in leadership. Please read these thoughts from Greg Despres.

My leadership starts with my VALUES BASED MISSION. My wife and I have been planning our lives before the month begins using this mission for 15 years. It is by far the best practice I have made as a leader. Instead of reacting to life and situations a values based mission leads to proacting. In other words, it leads to leadership. Not everyone is able to do it. However, if someone puts the practice of developing a values based mission and then understands their roles in life, sets goals to those roles and finally places them on the calendar several benefits ensue. First, balance will exist.

Continue reading here.

Mission, Vision and Hope

Currenlty, Pathways leadership is talking about mission and vision and I must admit that I love having these conversation.  Last night we had a meeting with some of the leaders in the church to listen to their hearts about what they believe has been going on at Pathway.  

Some great stuff was said.  Here are a couple of the many things that stood out to me.   

  • We as a church are becoming more God Centered.  Church used to be all about us but now we are starting to focus more on God.    “Get over your own little self”.  
  • We are starting to get worship.  
  • We are a church where you can come as you are.   

The not so great.

  • Besided the prayer that we lift up, if Pathway Church left the community we would not be missed greatly.
  • We lack in leadership training and development.
  • We are not very good at outreach.

Many people left last nights meeting excited and thinking.  This morning I have been thinking about our Mission, Vision and Hope and at the same time I am reading Suprised by Hope.  I want to end this post with a great thought from the book.  

Creation is to be redeemed; that is, space is to be redeemed, time is to be redeemed, and matter is to be redeemed.  God said “very good” over his space-time-and-matter creation, and though the redeeming of this world from its present corruption and decay will mean transformations we cannot imagine, the one thing we can be sure of is that this redeeming of creation will not mean that God will say, of space time and matter, “Oh, well, nice try, good while it lasted but obviously gone bad, so let’s drop it and go for a nonspatiotemporal, nonmaterial world instead.” But if God really does intend to redeem reather than reject his created world of space, time, and matter, we are faced witht he question:  what might it look like to celebreate that redemption, that healing and transformation, in the present, and thereby appropriately to anticipate God’s final intention?

The church should be imitators.

Today I hope to finish reading The Discipleship Making Church.   I am a slow reader so the 70 pages that I have left will take me awhile.  This book is challenging.  Its really making me think about how I do ministry.  

As I read this morning a key thought that stood out was

The essence of pastoring is motivating people to engage in behaviors that do not come naturally. 

What a task.  To help motivate people to do things that do not come naturally.  I believe this means helping to pull people out of their comfort zones.  To place them in positions where they can do big things as God works through them. 

  • 1 key to making this happen is to be someone that can be imitated.   Another word for disciple is imitator.   We need to be imitators of Christ and as we imitate Christ others should be imitating us.  Setting an example for others to follow is key.  We should be models for Christ likeness. 

Modeling means demonstrating the way you truly are.  You cannot possibly be authentic, have contact with people, and do anything else. 

  • 2nd key would be to reproduce yourself.  We are not called to produce impersonators who act just like we do.  We want others to take on our characteristics.  Characteristics that we develop as we strive to be like Christ.

Imitation of characteristics is God’s plan for reproduction. 

So who are you modeling Christ likeness too?  Who are you investing time with to help develop the characteristics of Christ in their life and yours?  Who’s imitating your character?  Are you mentoring anyone?   We are called to make disciples.  Hows it going?

This is not just a job for the pastors. 

It is imperative that we invite the entire congregation up to the same level of ministry as the clergy.  We must restore the ordinary believer’s dignity.  Either the average church member’s work is as important as the clergy’s, as scripture reports, or its not; we can’t have it both ways. 

Making Disciples

Currently reading “The Disciple-Making Church” and even though its an old book it has really hit me with some great thoughts.   I will share a couple of those quotes with you. 

  1. “When Jesus told the disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, they knew what He meant:  He had taught them by His example, and they understood the principles and priorities they had seen in His behavior.  They were to win others to the faith and make more of what they were.”
  2. “Jesus could not focus all His efforts on the seventy….Instead He formed close relationships with the twelve.”
  3. “Slowly Jesus led the disciples toward  taking over His ministry, gradually releasing more and more responsibility as they moved from one stage to the next.”
  4. “Unless a loving, caring community exists to help newborn babes and heal the wounded, people won’t come to Him or stick around long enough to be trained.”
  5. “Disciplining is not an event; its a process.  No system can make a disciple, because discipleship requires that a person’s will be activated by the Holy Spirit.”
  6. “The real evidence of success will be the constant production of reproducing disciples and leaders who are multiplies.”

WOW.  That should give you enough to think about for now.  More post will come regarding this book on down the road.  So here are my thoughts thus far.  Christ set an example for all of His followers to follow.  We need to “remain in Him” to be able to follow His example.  This is done through prayer & reading His word.   Our goal should not be just to win people to Christ but to allow the Holy Spirit to use us to make Disciples of Christ who look to make Disciples of Christ.  Not every Disciple of Christ will look or act the exact same.   Every Disciple should have the desire to grow in Christ and please HIM.   To be Holy as He is Holy.   That does not mean make everyone look like me.   Allow God to be the one molding and shaping them.  

My mission in life is to:  Live for Gods Glory.  To DRINK DEEP of Christ, to love Him with everything I have, and allow His love to FLOW through me as HE makes disciples throughout the Nations.  

I just have to link this…

Alright, a lot of people think my mentor  (Greg Despres) is a little crazy.  I agree that sometimes he might come across that way, but I know his heart.   I know He desires to see people become Disciples of Christ and not just Church attenders.  He wants people to think.   So think about this post.

My thoughts:  An athiest says that about our churches-  How are we so far off? 
“People behaved as if they didnt even know we were there….I think they have lost their sense of community.”  I wonder how many of regular attenders feel that way much less our visiting guest.  When was the last time you stopped and talked to someone you didnt know?  When was the last time your worked to create a Biblical Community in your Church or student ministry?

I know that I dont feel that I do a good job with this.  I can tell you right now though that I will not sit still and be known as someone with Great Marketing to accomplish the Goal of building big buildings.  I want to make disciples of Jesus and that has to happen through Biblical Community.