God’s love flowed

Tonight was awsome!  Our group was able to lead 7 kids to Christ.  Our kids are so excited.  Our God heard their cries and He answered.   See you in C-burg


 Dear God,

 I thank you for showing me new love in you.  You showed that I was trying to do your work the way I thought it should go but I just needed you to fill me up.   I learned that we must not only be in you daily but search ourselves daily so that we be righteous and are always filled with you.

 I thank you for the oppurtunity that I could be a part of planting seeds in this community that they may grow closer to you, the city can have a spirtual revival just as I have.  Your love is sufficient and hits the spot everytime, through you all things are possible, all things accompllished, true joy is found, spiritual revival is found.

 For your Glory always,



Pictures from various places

Carnival, just hanging out, and our day at the pond. 

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Pray for Big Things

So today is a big day for our team.  We have a carnival here at the Church that we are going to try and make big.  We will be going out and inviting people early this afternoon and then setting up games late afternoon.  Our prayer is that we will run out of prizes, that we will have lines for the games, and that many will hear about God’s love. 

So we need you to pray that God will hold the rain off.  We need you to pray that God will bring so many people tonight that  our lines are long.  Pray that God will work in our hearts and theirs.  

PS if you are planning on coming to visit, you need to be prepared to eat your own lunch a dinner.  Wednesday we added 20 some teens a food lines take longer and the food supplies run out quicker.  Carnival starts a 6:00. 

A day of fun

Well today we are going to have an afternoon of fun.  Kids that normally get up for showers bright and early slept until 10 mins before breakfast. (except our Guys, they were up like clock work).  Not me- I slept in till 8 mins before breakfast. 

So this afternoon we will be going to a pond to do some swimming.  I lookforward to this time of fun.  Yesterday my highlight was just sitting around at El Faro’s youth group and picking the brains of the students.  We started off having a discussion with 5 people and it grew to about 10.  I then left and the students continued talking about spiritual things.  I hope to be able to do more of that today at the pond. 

Pray that today we will be re-energized and refreshed as we pray for big things on Saturday.  

Watch and see

So you want to know what the Carnival looked like last night?  Just watch and see!!!    Thank you so much for your prayers.   God is good. 

Thoughts from students

Joe!!!!- Today was a beautiful day and it was fun. I loved eating today the food was very yummy!!! =)  I really enjoyed watching all the kids after the drama accept Jesus. I loved to sing the worship songs and pray for someone else we didn’t really know so that was cool. Also during our meeting with Jeremy we talked about positives and negatives and jobs that we could do for Gods glory.

Jerome-Today was awesome.  Little kids were enjoying the games so much and the carnival was a blast.  The worshiping was so awesome.  Everyone was dancing to the rhythms from the guitars and the people who were singing.  Also, the food was great.  It was so fun connecting with people. God bless. 

Kyle-This was the best day yet! I love the food .  I liked the carnival because I got to meet a lot of new kids and got to establish relationships with them.  I  can’t wait until the next carnival on Saturday.  This has been a great week for me, it’s been a huge inspiration.

Nathan-I’m having an awesome time here in Lebanon.  I think God is really at work here, setting people’s heart’s on fire for him.

Garrett-This week started out pretty bad.  Everyone prayed for me and Jeremy talked to me and I now know that even though I’m doing the things I should, that the wrong things I was doing and my attitude was overpowering the effect of my growth in Christ.  Also, I pray that God will empty me of my selfish desires and fill me up with Him.  I now have new joy in the Lord. 

Michaela-Hey family, I miss you lots and love you lots

Rachel-Today was a lot of fun and the carnival was awesome.  It is amazing to see God working through us here in Lebanon

Ashley-Today we had the carnival and it was awesome!  There were tons of games and it seemed like the kids had a really good time.  I was in charge of the “ring a pop” booth and enjoyed watching the kids have fun.  I can’t wait until the BIG carnival on Saturday!

Kacie-Today was such an amazing day!!! I’ll start with the morning. I love doing devo’s in the morning. It’s so much more effective. I find myself experiencing a more positive attitude when I do my devo’s in the morning. Now I’ll skip to this evening- well I had a headache and was feeling a bit ‘blahed’ about the night. I got to the village and set up and to top off my head ache our game wasn’t working! –Yah, it was fun… well our new game ended up being a hit, and a ton of kids tried it out. I actually had a chance to talk with one little boy who got really close and attached to Sharon and I. he and his friend are coming Saturday to the next carnival and I can’t wait to see them again! Tonight’s worship was so incredible too. God has been really working in my heart this past week and on this missions trip. I’m so excited to take on the rest of the week! ~I’ll keep you posted!

A big day-New photos

So tonight is a big night for this trip.  Each day we have prepared to do an outreach event.  Monday night we did a prayer walk, Tuesday night we passed out invitations, and now tonight we pray that they come. Students are learning Spanish, Choreography, Drama and VBS songs/motions so that we can interact with those who come tonight.  Today we will work on games for our outreach carnival.  Please pray that many come tonight.  Please pray that our students will not just run an activity but seek to build relationships with those who come.  Pray that God will provide opportunities to share the Gospel. 

Caleb-Last night we got to go out to the city.  It was a lot of fun.  We got to talk to a lot of people.   Some people didnt seem like they wanted to talk, you had to be very bold, and then still some didnt want to talk.  One group that we talked, and invited to the carnival tonight, didnt want to come, but once we talked to his friends he decided that he would come.  It was neat watching that unfold.   So far the trip has been a lot of fun.  Its been a lot different from what I thought.  I have learned a lot about how to do outreach.  So tonight we will practice.  

New photos have been added to the slideshow below.