Opportunity to Flow this summer

A good friend of mine Ben Myers runs Arrowhead Bible Camp and he has some exciting ministry opportunities available this summer.  Let me encourage you to pray about these.

#1 – Staff
– Assistant Cook (18 yrs. or older)
– Counselors (18 yrs. or older)
– Co-counselors / Co-program staff (16-17 yrs. old)
– Music Leader (play music and lead singing for our programs)
– Lifeguards (this role can be combined with other roles at camp)

#2 – James Project
– We have a few weeks still available for James Project groups.  Check out the attached brochure and the website –www.abcjamesproject.org
– Week 2 is available (June 19th – 25th) – during our Shepherds Camp program
– Week 5 is available (July 11th – 16th) – during our Day Camp program
– Week 9 is available (August 7th – 14th) – during a guest group week

For more info check out:

www.shepherdscamp.org (our primary ministry to adults with developmental disabilities)
www.abcdaycamp.org (our free day camp for kids)
www.abcjamesproject.org (one week missions opportunities for families, student ministries, churches, etc.)


Preaching the Gospel to the De-Churched

Listened to this message from Matt Chandler and wanted to share it with you.  Take 1 hour and watch the video here.

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

I believe that God desires His love to flow through us to others and Friday I had some amazing opportunities to let His love flow through me and I want to share them.

  • First I was responsible for my first Memorial Service.   I was kind of in the a director type role.  I helped with the flow of the service, making sure everyone knew when and what they were doing. I got a chance to share a message remembering the life of the man and focusing on God’s Word.  I thought I did an okay job of not making it to preachy and yet sharing the Gospel.  After I was done a man reminded me that I forgot to have two poems read.  So I laughed at myself and invited the two people to come and read.

    After the lady who shared the second poem was finished she proceeded to share about how the passing of her loved one has impacted her life.  It gave her a chance to reflect on the things that were missing in her life.  She shared that she knew all about God but didn’t really know God.  Her testimony was in creditable.  It tied in perfectly with the message that I shared.

  • Then, after the Memorial Service there was a time for food and fellowship.  During this time I had a chance to talk with a man in his mid 30’s who came to the states for his Senior year of College.  He fell into parting, drinking, and drugs.  At some point this man said he surrendered his life to God.  Now, he doesn’t know who this God is that he surrender to but he does know it has changed his life.  He doesn’t believe the Bible is God’s word, nor does he believe that Jesus is God’s son, but after our long conversation he said that he is open to learning more about the God that he surrendered to.

    He left our conversation encouraged.  Willing to continue talking.  I believe I showed this man love even though his beliefs didn’t line up with mine.  I believe our conversation was good, and he accepted it, because I was not trying to convince him to surrender to the Lordship of Christ.  I was just sharing with Him the beliefs that I have as a result of reading God’s Holy Word.  I was sharing with Him the things that the Spirit of God was laying on my heart as we spoke.  I am trusting that God continues to challenge this man to surrender to the Lordship of Christ.

  • I ended my day going down town to York City’s Light Up Night.  There are all kinds of activities for people to be involved in with the focus being lighting the Christmas tree.  Myself, and several others from Pathway were able to hand out over 500 invitations to Pathways Christmas Eve Service at the Strand Theater.

    What a great day watching God’s love Flow through me.

God is at work

This summer we took a team of teenagers to Lebanon PA to work with El Faro Church. Sometimes we don’t get an opportunity to see or hear about how God works through our missions efforts, but today I would like to share with you how God is at work.

1. El Faro Church was told that they had asbestos issues.  The week of our trip we were not allowed to stay or even go inside of the Church.  I went with one of the leaders of the church to meet with a company that test air and particles for asbestos and the man told me that the building was definitely contaminated.  Each day that we were on this trip we went to the church and did a little prayer walk around the building.  We recently learned that the building which was unusable is now usable because the test came back negative.   Praise GOD!

2. The main focus of our week at El Faro was preparing for three carnivals that we would do for the community each in a different location.  The Village is one of the places that we did a carnival.   I recently learned that the Village has requested that El Faro come back to their community to help the do a block party!!!  The place we came to minister to is asking the church to come back into their community to help them do more.   God is at work is this community!!

God thanks for working through our missions trip to Lebanon.  Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse at what you are doing in Lebanon.  I am sure these two stories are only a taste of what you are really doing.

Missions Reflections

The past two days I have been trying to catch up on sleep that I didn’t get on my missions trips.  I have not taken much time to reflect on my trips, but I do want to share what God has been laying on my heart.

Sometimes God’s plans are so different then ours.  I was extremely excited about our Sr. High trip to Washington Dc as I was expecting God to do big things in and through us.  He did!  But it was a lot different then I was expecting.  As Ron says “we were plopped down in the middle of chaos” but God used us.  I was expecting to see several people come into a new relationship with Jesus through the faithfulness of our group, but God had different plans.  Many of the people that we got into conversations with were already believers.  I talked to a Christian homeless man from Ghana, a new believer from Ethiopia,  a priest from DC, and a 26 year old believer who just moved to DC.  These are a few of the spiritual conversations I found myself in this past week.

It was also most like God said this week I am going to “plop you down in the midst of chaos” to be an encouragement to My people.   As I write this I think that is what summer missions was about this year for me.  Both trips were surrounded by what seemed to be “chaos” and God said encourage my people.   Yes we did see people give their lives for the first time, but I believe God used our teams to encourage, and help His people know that they are not alone.

Just so you know- If you are a follower of Christ I am here for you and would love to pray for you no matter what your going through.   God is teaching me to encourage and I dont think that means just on a missions trip.

As you reflect on missions, and your life, make sure you see what God accomplished through you.  Maybe you didn’t see God work in the way you wanted Him to, but I’d rather see God work the way He desires then the way I want Him to.

Thanks for letting us be encourager’s this year!

People God placed in my day

Today was our first full day in DC and let me tell you that God is awesome.  As I often try and do, I made myself available to talk to people wherever I was.  I had conversations on the metro, in the park, and everywhere else.  Today God allowed me to meet a Christian from Ethiopia, a jobless priest, and a homeless man from Ghana.

It was awesome because as I sat, listened, and even prayed for these guys, they were thankful for the time that I spent with them. Gods love flowed through me and touched others hearts.  But the interesting thing was, as God used me He also continued to fill me up.  It was so awesome to see God use me.  These men challenged me.  They encouraged me.  They impacted my life.

A highlight would be the homeless man telling me the greatest way that I can help younger people make a difference in this world is to simply model it.  He challenged me to live a life of truth, integrity, kindness, and love, but not just live it, allow others to watch and be involved along side of me.  What a thought.  What a day.

Thanks God for the people you placed in my Day today.

My past week

This is a highlight video from our missions trip to El Faro, a small church in Lebanon. To see pictures visit drinkingdeep.com