Faithbook- Hezekiah

Our Church was doing a series called Faithbook.  We were diving in and learning about different Bible characters.  I shared on Hezekiah. Watch the message here.


Learn how to read the Bible

Want to start reading the Bible?  Check out teaching from Matt Chandler and The Village Church on”How to Study the Bible.”

Enjoying listening to this guy

I have been enjoying listening to Jeff Vanderstelt.  I first heard him speak on a podcast from Cornerstone Church Semi.   Recently found him sharing on the Acts29 website.  Good stuff.  His churches website SOMA says this about him:

Jeff is a leader of leaders and a coach and trainer for church planters. His background includes music, business management, working with youth, training youth workers in North America and Europe and starting new churches.  Jeff moved to Tacoma from Chicago with his wife Jayne to begin planting Soma.

Jeff leads a Missional Community and the Downtown Expression, and he serves all of Soma in the areas of vision and teaching.

Listen here.

Listen and then go after it

The following messages can be listened to here. Acts 29 Network.

I have not listened to all these but love the titles.

Man up- For Your City, Church, Home, Heart
Leader Building- Men and Mentoring
The Gospel and Discipleship***
Becoming A Replicating Church
Me a Missionary?
How Do we Go about Making Disciples ***
Why Do We Plant Churches?
Fighting Sin- Men and Accountability  ***

***I have listened to these.

Awesome Bible Study Website

For those looking for a good place to study God’s word you have got to check out this website.

Good stuff like commentaries, strong’s numbers, many different Bibles,  Hebrew and Greek and various language options.  I am loving it.

Go dig in.

Bigger than Me!!!

God wants to use us normal and not so normal people to make a difference in this world for the Glory of God.  How?

Through His power and our abilities, talents and spiritual gifts.

Learn about yourself.

Spiritual Gifts Assesment

Elmer Towns Spiritual Gifts

Personality Assessment- Myers Briggs


Once you take an assessment comment and let others know how God has made you.

Working in me

So the past several months God has been working in me and I have got to admit that it has not been a fun process.  Some would say that I am having a desert moment, part of me would agree.  It feels like God is saying will you be faithful to me even when you don’t feel close to me.  Will you be faithful to what I have called you to do even when you don’t see the fruit or understand the process.

The other part of me feels as if God is trying to move me beyond where I have been for the past several years in my walk with Him.  This part of me feels as if God is working in me, molding and shaping my heart.  I don’t understand and part of me wants to run because it hurts.  But honestly, I want to become the man that God wants me to be.  Honestly I want my life to be for His glory no matter what that means.

This message by Matt Chandler has been a blessing to me today.  Thanks Ron!!!