Who do u like???

It is excited to have football back in full swing.  I don’t know about you but I simply love the game of football.  I can pretty much watch any team play.

Just so everyone gets this straight.  My teams are the:

  1. Packers -Only because Aaron Kampman #74  is Nicoles Cousin. And yes I am fine with Brett Farve leaving.  I think Aaron Rodgers is good, but I am not sure that he can last the whole season.   
  2. Michigan– When I was a kid we did not have cable and the only team ABC ever had on was Michigan.  I am also a fan of any NFL team that has Michigan player on them.  That is why I like the Patriots- Tom Brady– Graduate of Michigan.  Charles Woodson-Packer- and Graduate of Michigan.  I personally liked Lloyd Carr as Michigans coach.  
  3.  I also like to support the local high school teams.

Leave a comment and let me know: Who are your teams and why?


Laugh and then laugh some more

Seriously you need to check out Ken Dillers blog. 

He is doing a great job updating his LBC college experience.  Nicole and I check it out just so we can laugh and then laugh some more.  The stories this guy has are hilarious. 

 I can just picture him in cross country outfit, spandex and all, standing in the middle of McDonnalds and then bending down showing nothing but his long skinny legs. So crazy it just makes me want to laugh and then laugh some more.  

I can picture ken shooting a video like this.  Ken is this kid your brother or something?????

Cutting lumber with the guys

Ken, Caleb and Jeremy helped my brother in law and I get some wood cut into lumber today.  My 78 year old grandpal also worked all day with us.   These guys worked hard and non stop. What a lot of fun. I believe I will be sore tomorrow. Enjoy some pictures on my picasa page.

MYFACE and church softball

Our church plays in a local church softball league and yesterday and today was our tournament.  Our team did great today!  We took our win total for the season from 1 to 3.   In the first game me and another player on our team both went for a ball that was hit into the outfield and somehow we both missed the ball with our gloves and the ball smacked MYFACE. Here is what happens when a softball meets MYFACE.

I have both myspace and facebook, but after getting hit in the face with a softball, I am thinking about starting MYFACE.  Check out what MYFACE looks like now.   I thought I was ugly before.

Ouch this one hurt.

Ouch this one hurt.

I left the game because I was seeing stars and I think I got knocked out.  I definitely thought I had another concussion. After going home for a little bit, I was feeling better so I came back and DH’d in another two games.  Tonight we have a campfire for the students so I am going to take MYFACE to that.

You know I love getting together with the guys from our church. Playing softball is a great chance to get to know each other.  This year our team had a rough season but we had a lot of fun.  I think we won one game. Today we turned things around.  Every year we have a tournament to end the season and this was the first time I was able to make the tournament.

We won two games today and played good in the third, losing by 2 or 3 runs.  Spending time with the guys from our church was a blast.  Its also fun getting to know the guys from the other churches.  We might not be the best team but I would put MYFACE on the line for you guys anytime.

MYFACE loved playing softball with you guys this year.   Thanks for the fun and big lip!!!

Add 1 more

If your a friend of mine you know that December of 2005 I added Nicole to my life. We formed the Blount family of two. In February we plan to add 1 more and make it the Blount family of three. This is an exciting time in our lives!

Please pray for us and the health of our little one.

Pray for Nicole that she will be able to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Pray for her as we come home from vacation and head to El Faro for our first missions trip. We will have 1 week at home and then head off on another missions trip to Washington DC.

Thanks for all your prayers and support and may God Bless you!

UPDATE:UNC is got whipped

NOW THAT ITS OVER:  Let me give you my update.  I thought it was over in the first half with about 10 minutes left.  Nicole flipped out and said its not over.  We both got very excited when Carolina made a huge comeback and cutt the lead to 4.

Then, Carolina blew it.   Atleast they made it fun to watch.

Here is my half time post.

I have been telling everyone that I was a little concerned about how we would match up against Kansas, but I never thought that it would start like it has. UNC offence stinks. Get Tyler the Ball!!!

Kansas is playing great defense and they could not miss a shot. Carolina helped Kansas take control of the game by taking stupid shots. Kansas instead of Ending the Game in the first let Carolina sneak to within 17. I know, 17 is a lot, but at 17 its not over. If Carolina can get it to within 10 with 12 minutes left they will have a chance.

Tyler has to have a good second half. Green and or Ellington have to put up points and Lawson has to take care of the ball.

Being in the Final Four is great, but without a Championship, it’s not much more than what DUKE did.

Facebooked my blog

facebookI am now officially into Facebook. I never really liked myspace but it did give me a great chance to connect with a lot of our students. Facebook is so much easier to use and for me the best part is my THINKINGDEEP is now apart of my Facebook. That means people who go to my Facebook will also see post from THINKINGDEEP.

I love it. That means more people reading and hopefully discussing what I am thinking.

Do you have facebook? Am I one of your friends?