Teenage Drinking & R Movies???

Interesting article in the USA today about Teenager drinking and the movies they watch.



That a boy Aaron

After signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars Aaron Kampman ran the following ad in a Milwalkee paper.  I am proud of the way this guy is having an impact both on and off the field in the NFL. 

Listen and be challenged

Yesterday at Church I shared about a couple of other pastors that I listen to that have been sharing similar things to our Sunday Morning messages. Here there are. Go listen and be challenged.

Francis Chan- The messages you need to listen to are:

  1. The Holy Spirits Power and Our Effort Part 1
  2. The Holy Spirits Power and Our Effort Part 2

Matt Chandler- This is a brief message he posted online before going to have surgery a week ago.
Posted below.  Click here.

Tiger “Woods” in You

Read this well written article this morning and thought I would share it with you.

The Tiger (Woods) in You

Paul Edwards

“The Paul Edwards Program,” WLQV Detroit

December 9, 2009

Prior to this recent series of revelations, there wasn’t a man on the planet who in some sense didn’t want to be Tiger Woods. Tiger is good looking. He’s physically fit. He’s a world-class athlete. He has a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. He’s rich beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. He had a father who loved him—not just in words, but in action, pouring himself into his son, building a love that survives to this day, in many ways making Tiger the man he became.

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Get up and elevate His Glory

I was running to this song this morning and I think its gonna become my morning worship song.

Take a good hard look at verse 8 of John 15.  As we bear fruit, we show ourselves to be disciples of Christ, and the Father gets the glory.   I cant think of a better reason to get up and live each day then that one.

Gordon McDonald- Good thinking here.

On Wednesday I have the privileged along with many others from the Brethren In Christ to hear from Author and Pastor Gordon McDonald. He currently serves as the Editor at Large for Leadership Journal.

I love these quote’s from his most recent article from Leadership Journal.

I’m impressed that Jesus’ charge to the apostles had much more to do with making disciples than building larger organizations. He seems to have known that properly trained platoons of disciples in every town and village would take care of the movement and keep it cleansed. What Jesus may have feared was the very thing that has been tried again and again over the centuries: systematize the Christian movement, centralize it, and balloon it up in order to make an impression.

Thankfully, I learned, as did those around me, that gimmicks almost never worked. Only when we went back to caring for people, disciplining teachable leaders, introducing people to Jesus, and worshipping with a hearty spirit did things get back on track.

Read the rest of the article here.  How a Might Church Falls

Teenager- you gotta read this.

I often check out what Tim Stevens has to say on his blog and I love the times when he points us to what his teenage daughter Heather has to say on her blog.

Here is what Heather Stevens recently had to say.
The Concept of Love
Everyone’s gotten mad at their parents at one time or another…it’s inevitable…especially in your teen years (or maybe that’s just me..?).
Something I’ve never spent much time thinking about is that my parents don’t love me because I’m a good runner, because I’m a camp counselor in the summer, or because I drive my sister to school in the morning. And they don’t NOT love me because I pick on my little brother, I talk back to them, or I am not home by curfew. They love me for me, because I’m theirs.
Mom and Dad: I’m sorry if sometimes it doesn’t seem like you’re appreciated…I love you (:

Jesus died on the cross because He loves us. Why on earth would He love US? Not because we pack boxes at Feed the Children, give the homeless man on the corner of main and douglas a sandwich, or bring the granger stranger a box of cookies. He doesn’t NOT love us because we accidentally cuss, forget to read our bible, or tell a lie. He loves for who we are, because we are His. He created us, and for that, He loves us SO MUCH! Without us even doing anything!

It does not matter what you do or don’t do, there will always be people who will love you. respect you. care for/about you.
I’m not really sure what I’m getting at..this is just something that I had never thought about before, it seems like the concept of love, coming from God or from your parents, has just kind of been one of those things like eating and breathing. It just kind of happens..and no one really thinks about it. But do me a favor, and think about it..just for a second. It’s kind of amazing, huh?

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for lovecomes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” -1 John 4:7

Go check out her blog and let her know what you thought.  http://runnergirl493.blogspot.com