Is your church real?

In my personal life I want to fall so in love with God that His love flows through me to others.    For me that means be honest and real.   It means wearing who I am on my sleeve.  When I am struggling you will know it.  When I am doing good I will glow with excitement.   

In our churches, we often want the samething that I desire in my personal life,  we want our people to fall so in love with God that His love with flow though them, to others. But often, the Church has a tendancy to do whatever it takes to get people to come in.   I just read an this article and it sure does make me think.  

Is my Church real?  Better yet am I real?   

My first Sunday back from some time away, I sat in the worship service and wept. It struck me as such a production, so performance driven. In a word, it was shallow. I couldn’t believe this had happened on my watch.  READ THE REST HERE