Pray for Missions

One of the ways we can be involved in Global missions is to pray.  Today I wanted to update you with a couple of Missionaries/Missions work that you can pray for.

  1. The Sugden Family and a team from Chambersburg is preparing to leave for Haiti in a couple of days.  They just learned that the airline that was scheduled to fly them in to Haiti went bankrupt and their flight has been canceled.  Pray and trust that God works all things together for good.
  2. Our friends the Lynskeys are home from the missions field due to the birth of their twins.  They had to leave the mission field unexpectedly as Sukey started going into labor.  The twins were born recently and are expected to be in the hospital another 6 weeks.  Pray for there team that is serving without them.  Pray for the different way missions will be done now having twins.
  3. Pray for a missions family as they grieve the unexpected loss of their two year old son.

I often think of this song when ministry gets messy and the war gets brutal.


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