11 year old star is born on “Dont Forget the Lyrics”

My wife and I just got finished watching Fox’s “Dont Forget the Lyrics” and I believe we witnessed the birth of a star.  An 11 year old boy was the contestent and he was great.  He could sing, tapdance, and he was funny.   This kids name is Samari Berkley (not sure on the spelling).  You dont want to forget that name because I am telling you that this 11 year old is going to be all over TV. 

I think his next show should be America’s Got Talent, but then again he doesnt need to be on another show that looks to produce the next star because he already is.   The host of “Dont Forget the Lyrics” Wayne Brady kept repeating over and over how this kid is gonna be a star.   So does anybody have any video of this kid dancing?  How do you spell his name?  I guess the world will know soon enough?  Did I mention he won $350,000. 

So why is it that an 11 year old can become a star over night and yet Jesus the Son of God is left out of so many conversations?  


3 Responses

  1. i kno dats rite(yung) i saw da sho 2.

  2. what does an eleven year old becoming famous have to do with people talking about jesus?

  3. Jesus is just a rumour this kid is for real, thats why, only people like W beleive in Jesus then go out and Shock & Awe middle east people.

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