Growth Pains

I remember as I was growing up my knees would hurt real bad.  Apparently I had some kind of disease or something because of to much calcium.   The doctor also said it was Growth Pains.  

Sometimes growing hurts.   Growing in knowledge is never easy.  I mean who likes to study for that big test?  Life lessons are often very hard and challenging but we can grow from that experience.  Growth often hurts the budget to.  I mean, how many parents have you heard say “I just bought that pair of shoes, what do you mean they dont fit.”  Or maybe better yet “I just bought those jeans”.  Or in my case (Before GOLDS GYM)  “Nicole I dont wear a medium or a large, get the XL.” 

I am finding out ministry is the same way.  Growth sometimes hurtsIts great, but you have to be ready to make the adjustments.  You have to be willing to spend more (time and money), and maybe even change the way you have been doing it.   You have to be willing to let others get more involved and have more say in what happens.  A kid who outgrows his jeans or shoes cant buy a new pair without the help of mom.    

ODSM is growing and changes are on the way.   Not sure what it looks like, but God has given the increase and HIS ways are better than mine.  Growth might hurt sometimes but who wants to be a baby forever.  Growth might hurt, but I dont go to the gym to get fatter.   

DRINK AND FLOW.    Drinking deep of Gods love- not to become bloated, but to allow His love to Flow through us-  so that He makes Disciples through out the Nations.  OUR GROWTH IS FOR HIS GLORY . 


2 Responses

  1. You’re funny. The M’s and L’s are usually the ones on sale- and you have some that do fit. ANYWAY, I’m excited for the growth! Another key is keeping an open mind…if we all have the same purpose in our ministry we will use whatever means necessary to get there, even if it’s never been done that way before.

  2. I’m very excited about the changes in ODSM I’ve witnessed in the last few years and I look forward to what God will do in the future. Take it from someone who has been at ODC since six years old. I’ve seen alot of change. ODSM is very different from the youth group I had at ODC. My children are doing things differently than I did 20 something years ago when I was in youth group. But does that mean the way it was ‘done’ was wrong? We saw kids come to know the Lord. We witnessed. We went on missions trips. I do sort of get tired of (and actually offended) hearing how everything we “used” to do was ‘wrong’ or how it was done was wrong.(my own personal opinion) But that doesn’t mean because it’s done differently – that it’s wrong either. (for those who resist change). Keeping a heart for God and an open mind and allowing God to work no matter HOW it’s done…that’s what’s important! I’m trying hard to teach my kids that. My parents did an AWESOME job ‘training us in the way we should go.” I pray my children get to experience God! It may be different than the way I did…but in the end…if God is glorified…I’m 100% supportive! I’m praying for ODSM!

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