I speak English

When I was in high school I used to get so mad at people who couldnt speak English.  I would say things like “your in America and our language is English”.  Now that I am older and my life is more focused on living for God I have changed my view.  God created the world.  God made all of us not just Americans.  I still do wish that those who know Spanish would try and learn English but I am now more understanding thanks to Roberto and our friends from El Faro. 

To be honest, the past couple of months I have been feeling rather guilty in regards to my stuburness to only know English.   I feel like God is bringing more and more Spanish people into my life and that I need to help them understand HIS plan for their life. Last night in our ministry we had 4 students who only speak French.  They know very little English.  It is so neat to see how God is bringing so much diversity to the student ministry. 

My desire, my purpose is to love God with all that I am, to Drink deep of Christ and allow His love to flow through me as He uses me to make disciples through out the world.  Right now God has me in America and He is bringing the world to me.   Am I just going to sit here and do nothing to reach them for Christ?  Am I going to say “learn English so I can share God’s love with you”? 

I know that if God called me to:

Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican RepublicEcuador
El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Spain Uruguay Venezuela


I would need to learn SPANISH.  But these people are coming to me.  So maybe its time that I stop focusing on me and try and learn another language for the GLORY OF MY GOD. 

Check out this video of Vicky Beeching leading worship in Peru.  Notice she is leading Spanish Speaking kids in worship in their Native tongue.  What a Challenge.  If this doesnt make you think about your priorities in life….   


2 Responses

  1. Jer~ I agree with your thinking on this one, but I hope to encourage you to think about this: “these people.” One thing that I have been thinking about lately is this: the human condition. Humanity, humankind whether it be African American, Ecuadorian, Italian, Loatiain, Hungarian, Chinese, Philipino, Indian, and believer and nonbeliever. We all share in this universal human condition. “We are all born into a world that we are not created for.” We have so much more in common than what we recognize, but yet we can not deny our differences. I think for a person to say: “I don’t see color, language doesn’t make a difference,” is ignorant. God has created a diverse world that represents Himself, and we ought to embrace those differences among us, but not deny their existence. Who are we to say, “Change for my convenience?” What is a greater act of love? I see a great act of love in someone investing in another person’s differences and embracing that to learn more about who they are, how their culture impacts the way they live–even here in america. What has it been like for a Peruvian immigrant to come and live in America? More often then not Americans (and shamefully believers), know nothing about what it was like for the mexican, the peruvian, or the chinese and we sit on a seat of judgment and selfishness. This country is not ours, and this country does have eternal life.

  2. “language, we don’t need no stinkin langauage”. I crack up everytime I hear some supposed right wing christian chomping at the bit for people in america to speak american or english.

    I cannot imagine not speaking english, although I try to speak three other languages.

    but, really who cares what language a person speaks. If I am going to reach him or her for Christ I will find a way to share the gospel. I will either learn that language or help them learn mine. It really doesn’t matter except for main stream biggoted americans who think that it should be law to only speak english.

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