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My Desire by Jeremy Camp

This song ties in with my post about being real.  This really is my desire.   


2 Responses

  1. wow that song speaks the truth for me.i want to be used by God to do His will.it is my desire to give everthing i have to serve God.wether it is something big or small i am going to give it to God so that He can use me in the ways that He wants to.as i look back on the last year or two i can see a BIG difference in my focuses and desires.it has gone from me always wanting to talk to friends on the phone to wanting to learn more about Christ by reading His Word.when iwas younger i came to church because my parents did and because i wanted to see my friends.now i come because i want to hear Gods word and try to apply wat i hear to my life.i still talk to my friends when i come but that is not the main reason i come.my desire is to serve God in anway that is possible!

  2. This is one of my favorite songs from Jeremy Camp!!

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